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Montag, 9. November 2015, 03:33

New Balance 576 – Teal Coated Fun For The Ladies Out There

There is a never ending supply of solid choices over at New Balance and the latest to hit the shelves comes in the form of the new balance 576 model. This go around, the ladies are gifted to a suede construction that is dipped in one of the more richer shades of Teal.Grey contrasts the monochromatic upper by touching down on the heel and New Balance logo, while White rounds things out on the inner lining, midsole and tongue.

A couple of months ago we took a look at the new balance 577 as a part of the “Test Match” Collection in the Blue, Olive and Plum colorways. This time around we get something more tonal and rugged from the 577.This black and grey edition of the New Balance 577 features suede and mesh all throughout most of the upper. The mudguard and heel are covered in black suede and the toebox, ankle and tongue feature soft and breathable grey mesh. The star of the show is the inclusion of black carbon fiber on the side panels, around the laces and on the heel tab.

Among the many silhouettes utilized for a wide range of collaborations, including the most recent J. Crew drop, the new balance 996 continues to get more run, this time with a new inline release. Incorporating strong color blocking over plush material usage, the archival NB runner takes on a two-tone aesthetic fueled by red at the forefoot and mid paired with a beige rear. Pairing fall tones with the lightweight, functional style ensures its viability this season and on into winter.

Following the release of the blue/gray rendition of the new balance 999, two more colorways have surfaced as part of the “Wooly Mammoth” pack. The shoes colorway are inspired by arctic elements. Constructed from materials such as pig suede, leather trims along with premium materials often used in New Balance constructions, these shoes are made for enhanced warmth and are set atop New Balance’s signature ABZORB soles.

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