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Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015, 08:28

The Red Nike Air Yeezy 2

This is a shoe that needs no introduction. Throughout all my years in the world of footwear — both working in the industry and as a collector — nothing has come close to the level of attention garnered by the nike air yeezy 2 portugal Red Octobers. Sports, fashion, music are all massively influential things in our culture but few shoes have brought all these elements together like the Yeezy 2. In the post-Run-D.M.C. and my adidas era, there have been few shoes that quite caught fire like these did. No disrespect to the likes of Jay Z and 50 Cent with RBK, but this is a step further than anything in the past with the actual artist involved in the design.

Nike‘s pushing its nike air trainer huarache silhouette, and it’s betting that an all-white iteration of the shoe will turn you towards the vintage style. Originally debuted in 1992, the shoe received a new low-cup revamp for modern enthusiats, set atop the same cushioning that made it a hit during its heyday. With its signature chunky sole and cut-outs, the shoe features the Huarache’s foot-conforming neoprene sock liner for a comfortable ride. Its finished off with its tonal laces and recognizable Huarache logo.

If you’re an Ohio State Buckeyes or Cincinnati Reds fan, this nike air trainer 1.3 Mid should be right up your alley.Pairing lush Wolf Grey atop University Red contrast, this look is heightened by black accents that balance this ’90s trainer. A perforated toe aids in breathability while white branding at the Swoosh, tongue and forefoot cap the look with a light sensibility.

Will the nike air Veer we showed you in September with a brown leather upper and camouflage strap ever make it to retail? Each day that passes suggests it’s more unlikely, and today we see a sample pair whose production date occurred over a year ago. This would seem to reflect the fact that this pair of Air Veers done up similarly to the Zoom Revis that hit back in August was considered but ultimately not destined for time on store shelves.

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