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Dienstag, 8. September 2015, 10:12

lanco, who struggled with injuries last season,

MAGDEBURG, Germany -- Arthur Abraham defeated Robert Stieglitz by split decision
on Saturday in their third bout, winning back the WBO super middleweight title
he lost to his fellow German in March last year. Judges Clark Sammartino of the
United States and Paul Thomas of Britain scored it 114-111 and 115-110 for
Abraham, respectively, while American Michael Pernick judged it 113-112 in
favour of the defending champion. Stieglitz was the more proactive fighter,
jabbing, pushing forward, with Abraham biding his time and launching
counterattacks. These took their toll towards the end, with Stieglitz dropping
to his knee in the final round. "I cant explain this decision," said Stieglitz,
who dropped to 46-4 (26 KOs). "I led for the whole time. I see myself as the
winner in any case. I lost the last round but not the whole fight." Abraham, who
beat Stieglitz by unanimous decision in their first bout in 2012 and by TKO last
year, improved to 39-4 (28 KOs). "That was a real battle," Abraham said.
"Respect to Stieglitz, respect to my coach. We really saw a good fight. Of
course I see myself as the winner. I won through my hard punches."
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With just two points separating the two clubs, tonights match-up in Tampa Bay
wont be just a playoff preview, but also play a factor in which team will have
home ice. Montreal has the chance to secure a playoff berth if they defeat the
Lightning in any fashion or if they get one point against the Lightning and the
Capitals lose to the Stars in any fashion or if the Capitals lose to the Stars
in regulation and the Devils lose to the Sabres in any fashion.
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.Y. - Sabres owner Terry Pegula says injuries are behind his underachieving
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Saulnier combined for three goals and five points on Friday as their Wildcats
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Neither slowed him for long. James finished with 30 points, nine rebounds and
nine assists despite getting an extended break after tweaking the ankle,
Dwyane Wade added 27 points and the Miami Heat beat the Utah Jazz 117-94 on
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. - Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr often reminds his
players the morning of a big game that they better be ready for a tough test
that night.CLEARWATER, Fla. -- On the same day they learned Ryan Howards
rehabilitation from Achilles surgery would be slowed, the Philadelphia Phillies
beat Florida State University 6-1 Wednesday in the first preseason game of the
year. Hector Lunas two-run homer keyed a five-run seventh inning for the
Phillies. Pete Orr and Erik Kratz led off the seventh with back-to-back hits to
break a 1-all tie. Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel rested most of his
regularss.dddddddddddd All-Star infielders Chase Utley and Placido Polanco, who
struggled with injuries last season, were each given the day off, as was
starting catcher Carlos Ruiz. Manuel said he plans to ease both Utley and
Polanco into action this spring. In place of his regulars, the Phillies manager
gave three of his new bench hopefuls at-bats. Juan Pierre, Ty Wigginton and
Scott Podsednik were a combined 1 for 6 with an RBI.
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