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Dienstag, 8. September 2015, 10:03

performance at the FIFA U-19 world championships

Gordie Howe is not doing well at all several weeks after suffering a stroke,
according to his son Mark.The Hall of Famer known as Mr. Hockey had initially
been improving better than expected, but that changed recently.His health has
taken a turn for the worse this past week to 10 days and we are doing what we
can to help his situation the best that we can, Mark told The Canadian Press.
But he is not doing well at all is the bottom line.Gordie Howe, 86, had a stroke
Oct. 26 while visiting his daughter in Lubbock, Texas. His family released a
statement Nov. 4 saying the hockey legend was recovering at a remarkable
rate.News began to surface this weekend indicating that was no longer the case.
In an interview with The Hockey News, Mark Howe said his fathers situation was
headed in the wrong direction.As a family, if were not going to be able to
reduce his pain, the outcome is not going to be good, Howe told THN.In the Nov.
4 statement, the Howe family said he was moved by the tributes around the NHL
and letters he received from fans. The Toronto Maple Leafs put up a Stay Strong
Mr. Hockey message, as did many other teams.Howes family showed him the Detroit
Red Wings in-arena tribute, and he was noticeably emotional.On Sunday amid
reports of his declining health, Colorado Avalanche star Matt Duchene tweeted:
Praying for one of the greatest number 9s, Mr. Hockey #Gordie #Legend.Howe is
considered one of the greatest players in hockey history. His professional
career spanned five decades, most notably with the Red Wings. He played 25
seasons with the Red Wings, making his debut on Oct. 16, 1946, and led them to
four Stanley Cup titles.Howe left the Red Wings to join the World Hockey
Associations Houston Aeros for the 1973-74 season, and played six seasons in the
now-defunct league before returning to the NHL for one final season with the
Hartford Whalers in 1979-80.He played in one more professional game, taking a
shift with the IHLs Detroit Vipers in 1997.Howe played 1,767 regular-season NHL
games, scoring 801 goals and adding 1,049 assists for 1,850 points. Known for
toughness as much as scoring in his playing days, he also amassed 1,685 penalty
minutes.He had 508 points (174 goals, 334 assists) in 419 WHA regular-season
Enstrom Jersey
. Louis Cardinals are one of Major League Baseballs model
Wheeler Jets Jersey
. The team captain signed a six-year, $33 million deal
with the Islanders prior to the 2011-12 season. He was having a good year with
24 goals and 42 assists in 59 games before suffering a season-ending knee injury
while playing for Canada at the Sochi Olympics.
Winnipeg Jets) - The Boston Red Sox and free-agent
shortstop Stephen Drew have agreed on a one-year contract through the end of
this season, the team announced Wednesday.
Tkachuk Jersey
. -- Bracken Kearns didnt question his good luck.
Scheifele Jets Jersey
.Y. - Sabres owner Terry Pegula says injuries are
behind his underachieving teams struggles, and he is confident Buffalo will
bounce back in the second half of the season.Kara Langs brave bid to return to
Canadas womens soccer team is over. The 27-year-old from Oakville, Ont., has
suffered a third devastating knee injury, ending an attempted comeback she
started nearly a year ago. Lang tweeted the news early Thursday morning. "2 days
after being cleared to train w/ #CanWNT my knee literally exploded yesterday.
Ive torn just about everything you can in a knee," Lang wrote. The former
national team star striker launched a comeback last March nearly two years after
two torn ACLs forced her to walk away from the game at the age of 24, tearfully
announcing her retirement at a news conference in Oakville. She put her
broadcasting career on hold last March in hopes of returning to the game, and
then spent three weeks out of every month in Montreal training with athletic
therapists, in a total "rebuild" -- a tedious breaking down-building up process
meant to prevent her from reinjuring her knee. She joined the womens residency
program in Vancouver in the fall. "Thank UU to everyone whos been there for me
along this crazy trip.dddddddddddd Staying positive b/c I have the best support
system anyone could ask for," Lang tweeted Thursday. The five-foot-eight
striker, known for her booming shot, scored 34 goals in 92 games, and played in
two World Cups -- in 2003 and 2007 -- as well as the 2008 Beijing Olympics. "Its
just kind of one of those things where I have to try it," Lang told The Canadian
Press last summer. "Nothing is guaranteed when you really look at it. I just
need to know that I tried." Having Lang back in the lineup would have been a big
boost for Canadas World Cup campaign, and great news to the fans whove followed
the five-foot-eight striker since she was part of Canadas silver-medal
performance at the FIFA U-19 world championships in Edmonton in 2002. Lang, who
was 15 at that tournament, scored three goals in six games. Shes also the
youngest player to be named to the national senior side, making her debut at 15
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