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Dienstag, 8. September 2015, 09:26

lost his job to Waters after the sixx-time Pro

NEW ORLEANS -- The Saints have re-signed free agent linebacker and special teams
player Ramon Humber to a one-year contract. The announcement was made Friday by
Mickey Loomis, the Saints executive vice-president and general manager. The
5-foot-11, 232-pound reserve linebacker originally signed with Indianapolis in
2009 as an undrafted free agent, playing in the Colts loss to New Orleans in
Super Bowl XLIV. A season later, he signed with the Saints and has been with the
team since, becoming a key special teams player and a steady reserve linebacker.
Since 2010, he has 36 special teams tackles in the regular season and playoffs
combined. The Saints finished the season with the leagues seventh-best punting
unit, but allowed 25.2 yards per kick return, ranking 26th in the NFL. In 2013,
playing in defensive co-ordinator Rob Ryans system, he saw action in all 16
games, starting three of them. He finished with a career-high 24. Fourteen of
his tackles came in his three starts, including a four-tackle, half-sack
performance at New England. Humber is the first Saints player who hit the free
agent market to re-sign with the team. New Orleans watched as safety
Malcolm Jenkins signed with Philadelphia. Kicker Shayne Graham and linebacker
Keyunta Dawson were scheduled to become free agents before re-signing with the
Saints in February. The Saints have been able to make a splash in free agency in
spite of having little room to work with under the salary cap. The Saints began
free agency less than $3 million under the salary cap. The day Jenkins agreed to
play for Philadelphia, New Orleans brought in and signed Jairus Byrd, a
three-time Pro Bowl safety from Buffalo. Byrd will make $1.3 million in base
salary in 2014.
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. And hes not about to let up. Springer hit a tiebreaking two-run
homer in the seventh inning, and the Astros extended their winning streak to six
with a 3-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.
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. The match was the first of three for Canada on its European tour.
The Canadian women meet France again on Tuesday in Amneville before taking on
England on Nov.
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LOUIS -- Blues coach Ken Hitchcock switched Patrick Berglunds position with
hopes of getting the forward going.
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.ca Fantasy Editor Scott Cullen and NFL Editor Ben Fisher discuss
three hot fantasy football topics.
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. Lionel Messi volleyed in Dani Alves pass for his
28th league goal this season in the 23rd minute, only for Lafita to level after
a rare attack for Getafe in the 37th. Substitute Cesc Fabregas appeared to put
Barcelona back on track when he initiated a move that ended with Alexis Sanchez
scoring in the 67th.IRVING, Texas -- Dallas guard Brian Waters is likely out for
the rest of the season with a triceps injury sustained in Sundays loss to
Detroit. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on his radio show Tuesday that Waters
would likely miss the rest of the season and Mackenzy Bernadeau would return to
that starting spot. Bernadeau eventually lost his job to Waters after the
sixx-time Pro Bowler signed a one-year deal a few days before the
season.dddddddddddd Dallas added Waters after Bernadeau and others struggled
with injuries in training camp. The 36-year-old Waters played 11 seasons with
Kansas City and one with New England before sitting out last season. Waters also
sustained knee and rib injuries in the 31-30 loss to the Lions.
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