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Samstag, 5. September 2015, 08:11

shot would not have eventually found the back

BRANDON, Man. -- Jayce Hawryluks second goal of the game with 29 seconds left
lifted the Brandon Wheat Kings past the Regina Pats 5-4 in Western Hockey League
play Wednesday. Jesse Gabrielle, Peter Quenneville and Richard Nejezchleb each
scored for Brandon (15-13-2), which won after blowing a 4-2 lead. Chandler
Stephenson had two goals for Regina (15-13-1), with singles from Braden
Christoffer and Griffin Mumby. Brandons Jordan Papirny won the goalie duel,
making 30 saves to the 29 shots stopped by Reginas Dawson MacAuley. --- BRONCOS
4 HURRICANES 1 SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. -- The Eastern Conference-leading Broncos
had no trouble cruising to a win over league-worst Lethbridge. Colby Cave, Jay
Merkley, Brett Lernout and Graham Black scored for Swift Current (18-11-3).
Carter Folk had the lone goal for the Hurricanes (3-23-4). Eetu Laurikainen
finished with 35 saves for Lethbridge, while at the other end of the ice Corbin
Boes stopped 39 shots. --- REBELS 6 RAIDERS 3 RED DEER, Alta. -- The Rebels
overcame a 3-1 deficit with five unanswered goals to beat Prince Albert. Wyatt
Johnson, with a short-handed goal, Haydn Fleury, Kayle Doetzel, Connor
Bleackley, Dominik Volek and Brooks Maxwell each scored for Red Deer (14-14-2).
Dakota Conroy, Mike Winther and Leon Draisaitl replied for the Raiders
(17-10-2). Rebels goalie Patrik Bartosak stopped 31 shots, while Cole Cheveldave
made 25 saves for the Raiders. --- GIANTS 3 ICE 2 VANCOUVER -- Jackson Houck
scored on the power play with less than five minutes left to lift the Giants
past Kootenay. Cain Franson and Travis McEvoy also scored for Vancouver
(13-11-7) in the second period. Jon Martin and Austin Vetterl had singles for
the Ice (15-14-2). Jared Rathjen made 33 saves for the Giants. Mackenzie Skapski
stopped 16 shots for the Ice. --- CHIEFS 2 BLADES 1 SPOKANE, Wash. -- Mitch
Holmberg scored two goals in less than two minutes and the Chiefs held on
against Saskatoon. Holmbergs goals, the first shorthanded, at 17:51, and again
at 19:29 of the first period, were all the offence Spokane (18-10-2) would need.
Brett Stovin had the only goal for the Blades (10-19-3). Eric Williams finished
with 27 saves for the Chiefs, while Troy Trombley stopped 37 shots at the other
end of the ice.
Murray Womens Jersey
.C. -- Unable to get much lift off his sore right
ankle, Bobcats centre Al Jefferson figured it was time to make an adjustment.
Rowe Eagles Jersey
. Senators captain Jason Spezza and Canucks captain
Henrik Sedin were both on hand for the unveiling.
404 Not Found 1. --
With the New Jersey Devils fighting for a playoff spot, Jon Merrill picked the
perfect time to score his first NHL goal.
Rowe Jersey
. Ferriero, 26, appeared in two games for the Canucks this
season. He has appeared in 32 games with Utica, putting up 22 points (10 goals,
12 assists) and 10 penalty minutes.
Murray Jersey
. He wont be coming back. Not to this World Cup, anyway. The
22-year-old Brazil striker, the one with the hopes of a nation on his shoulders,
was ruled out of the rest of the tournament after fracturing his third vertebra
during Fridays 2-1 quarterfinal win over Colombia.Got a question on rule
clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories?
Kerry wants to answer your emails at! Last night I was focused on
the Flyers come-from-behind win over the Red Wings on NBCSN but also kept ‘half
an eye on the Montreal Canadiens frantic 4-3 shootout win over the New Jersey
Devils via NHL Game Center Live on my computer screen. We have a number of
questions involving two separate plays from the Canadiens-Devils game and both
plays highlight the full concentration and split-second decisions required of a
referee as he attempts to make the correct ruling. Obtaining the best sightline
in advance is critical to correctly process information to make the right call.
The first play in question was when Montreals Max Pacioretty was on a breakaway
and had the shaft of his stick break as trailing defender Jon Merrill attempted
a wild desperation stick swing at the attacker (Incident can be seen at 1:50 of
attached highlights). I ran back in front of the television from my kitchen
during an NBC intermission when I heard initial commentary that a stick slash
had broken Paciorettys stick on a breakaway. I rounded the corner just in time
to catch a glimpse of a replay showing the wild swing by Merrill coincide with
the snap of Paciorettys stick shaft. No call resulted on the play and the
initial commentary suggested a call was missed. I thought “oh no”, another
missed stick slash on breakaway similar to one I viewed last week. Unaware of
the time in the game this play had occurred I immediately sent out an S.O.S. via
twitter; “Anybody see the broken-stick slash on a breakaway in NJ. Another
non-penalty shot call. Guess they dont make sticks like they used to?” In the
rush for social media assistance my misplaced question mark (?) logically
appeared to some as though I was stating a call had been missed as opposed to
seeking guidance. Once I was able to finally view the play it was obvious that
Jon Merrills stick clearly missed making contact with both Max Pacioretty and
his stick shaft. When Max pressured down on the shaft his stick simply broke.
Both referree Rob Martell, who had set up in perfect position to judge the play
on the ice, and Ray Ferraro on the TSN broadcast from between the benches made
the right call.dddddddddddd Both men had the perfect sightline. The other play
in question involved a pretty obvious trip/slew-foot by P.K. Subban that took
down Patrik Elias just prior to David Desharnais tipping in Brian Giontas shot
for the tying goal with just 36.6 seconds remaining (Incident can be seen at
1:33 of attached highlights). What wasnt so obvious on the play was that Elias
set an illegal pick in an attempt to lockup up Subban and prevent his forecheck
pinch with the Montreal net empty. With 44 seconds remaining Peter Budaj bolted
to the bench for an extra attacker. In anticipation of this the trailing referee
crossed the ice from his position near the Montreal players bench to
appropriately observe the legal five-foot substitution required to replace
Budaj. That was all well and good, save the fact that both referees were now on
the same side of the ice; opposite to where Elias and Subban contacted one
another resulting in two separate infractions. Had the trailing referee been
afforded the opportunity to observe this play from his normal position (near
blue line on players bench side) I am confident an arm would have been raised
for a delayed penalty call once Patrik Elias leaned into Subban and then placed
his stick across the midsection of the Habs star defenceman. Interference would
have been the delayed call. Play would then quickly have been stopped once
Subban, having been blocked by the illegal pick, extended his right skate behind
the left leg of Elias and tripped the Devil player to the ice with a sneaky but
obvious slew-foot. Coincidental minor penalties would have been assessed and
Giontas shot would not have eventually found the back of the net on the
Desharnais redirection. Gaining the best sightline is crucial in being able to
accurately process information on every play. Sometimes that just isnt possible.
As a result of the shootout win Subban and the Montreal Canadiens have to be
very pleased this was just one of those times.
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