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Samstag, 5. September 2015, 07:50

was the only one drafted and developed by the Jays

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Outfielder Brett Gardner and pitchers Ivan Nova,
David Robertson and Shawn Kelley have agreed to one-year contracts with the New
York Yankees, raising the teams luxury tax payroll to about $181.5 million for
19 players with agreements. Gardner gets $5.6 million under Fridays deal, while
Robertson earns $5,215,000, Nova $3.3 million and Kelley $1,765,000. New York,
which settled with all its players in arbitration, hopes to be under the $189
million luxury tax threshold. It would appear the Yankees might go over the mark
even if they dont sign Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. The Yankees payroll was
lowered by Alex Rodriguezs season-long suspension for violations of baseballs
drug agreement and labour contract. While he would have counted for $27.5
million on the teams tax payroll, the suspension likely will lower his figure
$3,155,738, pending agreement by Major League Baseball and the players
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. Speaking with TSNs Michael Farber, the commissioner
said that while franchise relocation and expansion is not currently being
considered, the sour ending of baseball in Montreal would not keep the city from
being awarded a franchise in the future.
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. Backstrom was assessed a match penalty on the play.
The hearing was held this afternoon with Game 4 of the series slated for
Thursday in Washington. Capitals head coach Dale Hunter defended Backstroms
actions, saying he "was trying to protect his face," because Peverley had his
stick raised.
Mens Nike Roshe Run cheap sale uk online. Juan
Martin del Potro denied Federer his hometown Swiss Indoors title for the second
straight year, winning the final 7-6 (3), 2-6, 6-4 on Sunday.
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. The full extent of the injury wont be known for
certain until Yakupov gets an MRI done upon his return to Sarnia. Yakupov, a
potential first-overall pick for this Junes NHL Entry Draft and ranked first in
TSN Scout Craig Buttons monthly draft ranking, had nine assists in seven games
at the tournament. nike roshe run
. Workman maintained his pitching rhythm in a batting cage during
the second of two rain delays. Upon his return, the right-hander was virtually
unhittable.With just a month to go until spring training kicks off, the free
agent market is still pretty stagnant. Part of the reason, of course, is the
reluctance that teams have in parting with first-round draft picks as
compensation for signing certain players, who come with that price tag attached.
That made me wonder how valuable first-round picks really actually are. I took a
look at three teams, one top dog, the New York Yankees, one middle-of-the-road
club in the Toronto Blue Jays and one team generally at the back of the pack,
the Chicago Cubs. Since the amateur draft began in 1965, the Yankees have chosen
51 players in the first-round, including supplemental picks. Twenty-seven of
those spent some time in the Bigs and 24 didnt make it. The success rate is 52
per cent and this is a team that usually picks in the back end of the first
round. The Yankees best first-rounder, without question, is Derek Jeter, taken
at number six overall in 1992. The Yankees have done alright with compensation
picks for losing free agents, as well. In 1996, they got a quality lefty in
Eric Milton for losing infielder Randy Velarde. In 2004, they chose right-hander
Phil Hughes when Andy Petitte jumped ship to the Astros before ultimately
returning to the Yankees where he finished his career. In 2006, they chose
righties Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain upon losing curveball specialist Tom
"Flash" Gordon. You might think the Cubs would have far great success with
firsts than the Yanks because they miss the playoffs so often. However, the gap
is only five per cent on the success scale. The Cubs have drafted 61 players in
the first round since 1965 with 35 making it to the Majors. In other words, a
percentage of 57 versus the Yankees 52 per cent. The Cubs top picks over the
years have included Joe Carter in 1981, Rafael Palmeiro in 1985 and the
flame-throwing Kerry Wood in 1995. In 2007, the Cubs used a supplemental
first-round pick to take Josh Donaldson, who has since blossomed into a very
good player with the Oakland Athletics. The only other supplemental pick of note
made by the Cubs was Palmeiro, whom they were able to select for losing reliever
Tim Stoddard to free agency. The Cubs made, without a doubt, the worst decision
in the history of free agency when they allowed Hall of Famer Greg Maddux to
walk away to the Atlanta Braves after the 1992 season. The Cubbies got two draft
picks in return, which they used the following June to take pitcher Jon Ratliff
and infielder Kevin Orie. In the following three seasons, Maddux won three Cy
Young Awards and helped the Braves to a World Series title in 1995. Ratliff and
Orie quickly faded into obscuritty.dddddddddddd Where do the Blue Jays fit in?
Well, since they came in the American League in 1977, they have made 64
first-round picks and 36 have seen time in the Majors, good for a 56 per cent
success rate. The Blue Jays have had pretty good success with first-rounders
over the years, including Lloyd Moseby (1978,) Ed Sprague (1988,) Shawn Green
(1991,) Shannon Stewart (1992,) Chris Carpenter (1993,) Roy Halladay (1995,)
Billy Koch (1996,) Ricky Romero (2005,) Brett Cecil (2007) and J.P Arencibia in
2007...oh, well on that one. Righty Dustin McGowan (2000,) whos battled through
a myriad of injuries, is still around as well. The Blue Jays have greatly
utilized their supplemental picks and, well, you really couldnt do much better
than they have. When lefty Bud Black, now the manager of the San Diego Padres,
signed with the San Francisco Giants, the Jays used the pick they received to
take Green. When knuckleballer Tom Candiotti left for the Los Angeles Dodgers,
the Jays wound up with Stewart and when the "Terminator" Tom Henke returned to
the Texas Rangers after the 92 World Series triumph, the Blue Jays used their
pick to select future Cy Young winner, Carpenter. Of course, there a few in the
not-so-good category, too. When Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar left for the
Baltimore Orioles, the payback was Joe Lawrence. I guess the bottom line is that
there are no sure things, but if you have a top-notch scouting staff and good
development staff, you can risk losing those good, but not great free agents.
But the ones you target as stars, you can never let walk away. - ESPN came out
with its annual top 100 list of All-time Major League greats. Roy Halladay and
Dave Winfield fell within the top 125 and received honorable mentions. Five
players, though, who wore the Blue Jays uniform (albeit, briefly in some cases)
cracked the top 100. Knuckleballer Phil Niekro was number 100, Paul Molitor
came in at 78, Roberto Alomar at 74, "The Big Hurt" Frank Thomas at 70 and
Rickey Henderson at number 14. Of the seven in total, Halladay was the only one
drafted and developed by the Jays. Does that make him the greatest Blue Jay of
all-time? Its a great argument, but my vote is still with Alomar, even though he
only spent five seasons in Toronto, and my top Blue Jays pitcher, though just by
a hair, is Dave Stieb. - Its great to see former Blue Jays fan favourite
John McDonald signing a minor league deal with the Los Angeles Angels with an
invitation to spring training, but sad to see Vernon Wells get released by the
Yankees after being designated for assignment.
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