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Freitag, 4. September 2015, 08:37

still win the NFC East when they face the Eagles

What a timely trip to the City of Champions. This was an unexpected trip to
Edmonton because at the beginning of the season I was not slated to make the
trek to where it all began for me some 30 years ago. Then I received a phone
call from Paul Graham, Vice-President & Executive Producer of Live Events
for TSN, and he notified me that Edmonton was interested in having me get
involved with the Canadian Football Hall of Fame Weekend by emceeing a few
events. That got the ball rolling for yours truly to get out to my old stomping
grounds and have a chance to call the Montreal at Edmonton game, plus get
involved with the aforementioned HOF events. Bonus! I could not believe how
lucky I was. You see, of the six inductees selected into the Hall this season I
had a direct link to five. Crazy! I played with all four players going in and
yelled at the other for fourteen years while playing. Why? Well thats easy. It
was the legendary CFL official John "Jake" Ireland. We definitely had our
nose-to-nose, get-it-all-out, knock-down, drag-out confrontations before. But
now we are friends and it meant for some pretty good ole stories out in Edmonton
this past week. And like I said before, Id played and was teammates with Brian
Fryer, Dan Ferrone, Earl Winfield and Miles Gorrell. Don Loney, "Father of
Maritime Football" and legendary coach at St. FX, was the other deserving
inductee. Mr. Loney passed away in 2004 so his brother Ted and his lovely wife
Jan were in attendance to accept the honor bestowed on Mr. Loney. Needless to
say the hospitality suite was rocking each night we were in Edmonton, giving all
the inductees and their families a chance to celebrate and tell some lies and
endless hilarious stories. This made the week one that took a serious toll on
the remaining brain cells I have left. It all started with the Jacket
Presentations on Wednesday evening, the bust unveiling on Thursday morning, the
dinner and speeches Thursday evening then the Hall of Fame Game Saturday
afternoon. I cant tell you how proud I was for the class of 2013 but also for
the City of Champions. Although the professional sports in Edmonton may not be
living up to the top billing lately, the people of Edmonton and their fans
certainly are once again! Over 1,100 folks attended the Edmonton Eskimos Gala
Dinner in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Football Hall of
Fame celebration and the Induction Ceremonies for the class of 2013. Dave
Randorf co-hosted the induction portion of the evening with me; basically we
just tried not to screw things up because Aquila Productions had everything
under control. It was truly a stellar evening. The work and effort that goes
into something of this magnitude is overwhelming and often a labour of love for
all involved. A Big "slow clap" for Executive Director of the Canadian Football
Hall of Fame Mark DeNobile and Manager, Marketing and Events Sarah Lajeunesse.
Id be remiss if I did not mention the ageless and wonderful Allan Watt, Vice
Presiden,t Marketing and Communications for the Eskimos and the beautiful and
talented Amy Moats, Marketing and Game Operations Coordinator for the Esks. The
man usually in charge of everything Aquila was nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately
the brilliantly talented Don Metz was ill and in the hospital. Only good
thoughts for Don and a speedy recovery! You would have been proud of your team,
in particular Glenn Wiun. A tip of the hat to everyone involved in an
unforgettable weekend recognizing the CFHOF Class of 2013.
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.J. -- After getting permission from his 7-year-old
daughter, New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl has retired after an
11-year career that included two Super Bowl championships.
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. Gone will be the fear of impending doom that
enveloped the club during its second-round comeback against Pittsburgh. Missing
will be the nerves that any goal or loss could mean the end of the season.
Suddenly, the Rangers are the front-runners against the Montreal Canadiens, and
their fans now have the chance to celebrate the ride with them.
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thinks its "irresponsible" for the Buffalo Sabres to suggest otherwise. The NHLs
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. The bleu-blanc-noir opened the scoring in the first minute when
midfielder Hernan Bernardello played a through ball to Sanna Nyassi. The Gambian
midfielder fired a one-time, right-footed shot from inside the left side of the
box that beat keeper John Kempin to his left.
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. Numbers Game looks at the deal that brings Lou
Williams to the Raptors. The Raptors Get: SG Lou Williams and C
Lucas Nogueira.In Arizona, the Cardinals lose Tyrann Mathieu for the year with a
ACL and LCL knee injury. In Carolina, the Panthers lose Jonathan Stewart with an
MCL knee injury. But the most devastating season-ender was Rob Gronkowski and
his ACL and MCL knee injury with the New England Patriots. The Patriots will
rebound somehow to remain competitive but being competitive and winning in the
playoffs are two different tests. Players get injured but for Gronkowski, this
is difficult to comprehend and accept. On the positive side, he is a young,
fourth-year player and youth and the ability to heal effectively do go together.
On the negative, for a young player, Gronkowski has an old body of football
battles. Two back surgeries at the University of Arizona, missing his senior
year, three arm surgeries over three years with New England and now a major knee
surgery that, as we have learned by watching RG3, takes more than six months to
recover from. His biggest battle to get back will be that he has to do this on
his own and often all alone. Football rehabilitation is not a team sport, it is
an individual challenge that you have to look at as a job at which to excel and
a time commitment that ends an off-season of enjoyment. Every now and then, I
get a streak of jealousy over the amount of money pro football players make and
how fast, but then I lose that when I c

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