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Freitag, 4. September 2015, 08:30

We just didnt shut it down in that situation

Sidney Crosby is still the best hockey player in the world. Thats not by any
means an outrageous statement and its one that not too many would disagree with,
at all. As Crosby and his Pittsburgh Penguins prepare for Game 7 against the New
York Rangers in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, there is
one thing about the Pens captain, though, that is considerably less definitive.
When it comes to crunch time, is Sidney Crosby still the first player you would
turn to? To the northwest of Pittsburgh, in St. Paul, Minnesota to be exact,
there is another captain playing tonight in a game that could see his team
advance to the conference final, just as Sidney Crosbys Penguins can. In Game 6
of their Western Conference second-round series, the Chicago Blackhawks - led by
Jonathan Toews - can advance to a second-straight Western Conference Final by
defeating the Minnesota Wild as they continue their defence of the Stanley Cup.
As a two-time Stanley Cup winner and a two-time Olympic gold medalist, has Toews
taken over the mantle as hockeys preeminent go-to guy? The suggestion that
Crosby wouldnt be the first player you would turn to in the clutch is by no
means a referendum on his status as the games best. It isnt and the Hart Trophy
hes likely going to win next month at the NHL Awards (to go along with the one
he earned in 2007), confirming his status as the NHLs MVP cements that. Crosby
is hockeys best all-around player and has been for some time. Still, the Cole
Harbour, Nova Scotia native has recently disappeared when the chips are down.
Going into tonights game, Crosby has just one goal in his past 17 playoff games
(of course, Rick Nash is enduring that exact same streak of futility, but thats
another discussion altogether) and the indelible image of Crosby in these
playoffs, thus far, was his Game 6 spear of Dominic Moore. Conversely, Toews
could be looking at another Conn Smythe Trophy if he can help lead the
Blackhawks to a third Stanley Cup in five seasons. While Crosby languishes with
a solitary marker in this years playoffs, Toews has five in 11 games - with four
of them game-winning goals. Thats now 10 game-winning goals in his career, most
in his teams history. Sure, thats a long ways away from Wayne Gretzky and
Brett Hulls joint record of 24 career game-winning goals in the playoffs, but
its four more than Crosbys tally in eight fewer career playoff games. Perhaps,
even more telling about Toewss current status of big game-breaker is that
Crosby, upon being informed that he was being named Canadas captain for Sochi,
reportedly wanted Toewss blessing before accepting the C. So who would you
rather have in an elimination/advancement game like tonight: Sidney Crosby or
Jonathan Toews? As always, its Your Call.
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trying to win his fourth title on Mexican soil, will next play South Africas
Kevin Anderson, who eliminated American Sam Querrey,7-6 (2), 6-4. Also
Wednesday, Gilles Simon (6) of France beat Donald Young of the United States
6-4, 6-3, Ukraines Alexandr Dolgopolov downed Frenchman Jeremy Chardy 6-3, 6-4
and Croatias Ivo Karlovic defeated Dudi Sela of Israel 7-6 (4), 6-2.
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. He earned a couple days off. Johnson had three hits,
including his third homer in two days, and the Atlanta Braves beat the Chicago
Cubs 10-7 on Sunday to keep pace with Washington at the top of the NL East.
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is chasing her second career title after winning in Eastbourne in 2010. She
needed 1 hour, 46 minutes to eliminate Czech doubles specialist Hlavackova. "She
was playing so aggressive, so flat ... I really wanted to fight to make her
move," the 28th-ranked Makarova said.
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. Wingels, a 23-year-old Evanston, Ill., native, is a
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. Toronto acquired Woodson, an Ottawa native who
grew up in Calgary, last September from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.LANDOVER, Md.
-- Referee Jeff Triplette acknowledged the down marker was moved incorrectly on
the Washington Redskins last possession of a 24-17 loss to the New York Giants
on Sunday night, but said halting play to fix the mistake "would have given an
unfair advantage." On second-and-5 from his own 41 coming out of the two-minute
warning, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III completed a pass to
Pierre Garcon. The play gained 4 yards, making it third-and-1, but the down
marker was shifted, indicating there was a first down. Washington coach
Mike Shanahan said after the game that he asked an official to measure to see
whether that play had earned a first down -- but was told that wasnt necessary.
After an incomplete pass, the announcement was made that it was fourth-and-1 and
not, as the Redskins believed, second-and-10. "The chain said first down, and
then when we came back, we think its second-and-10, and theyre yelling out its
fourth down. No explanation. No measurement. Didnt stop the clock to allow the
chains to move back," Griffin said. "And we just had to go ahead and call the
play." Both Shanahan and Griffin said the confusion over the proper down might
have affected the play choice on fourth-and-1. But Griffin did complete a 6-yard
pass to Garcon there -- which would havee been enough to extend the drive --
before safety Will Hill stripped the ball away after the catch and ran the other
way.dddddddddddd. The Giants ran out the clock. "I told him I wanted a
measurement, because I knew it was close. It was inches. And he said, No, its a
first down. And he moved the chains," Shanahan said. "And then after I saw it
was fourth down, I asked him, You already told me it was first down. He didnt
say anything. So that was quite disappointing." Speaking to a pool reporter,
Triplette said: "We signalled third down on the field. The stakes were moved
incorrectly. After that play, we said it was still third down. We had signalled
third down prior to the play starting. The stakes just got moved incorrectly."
The game was inside the final two minutes, and the Redskins were out of
timeouts. "We just didnt shut it down in that situation, because that would have
given an unfair advantage," Triplette said. Asked about the odd sequence, Giants
defensive end Justin Tuck said: "I saw that, and I was like, That aint a first
down, but they put a first down on the sticks. I was trying to signal to (Giants
coach Tom) Coughlin, You might want to challenge that, but the play was going
fast there. ... Lucky for us, they corrected their mistake."
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