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Freitag, 14. August 2015, 09:41

Jackson Martinez, Not as Good as Last Year

The myth. The man. The legend. They said it wasn't possible. They laughed...." Jackson Martinez is one of the most overpowered strikers on the way he can be more godly than he is already is..." Fools they were for saying such things, for they have been proved wrong by this big, blue, anal probing, controller destroying chunk of hunk.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

Nope.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

This was the first paragraph of the TOTS MC Martinez review I did LAST year. However, this year, its just not the same. If there's one word to describe him this time around, its Inconsistent.
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
I was pretty excited to try him out since he looks amazing with those stats and a double 4*. After a long time of market spam searching and 5 minutes of thumb healing, I was able to bin him for 500K. What is up with the insanely high price ranges for TOTS?? Geez EA.
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
I put him in a basic hybrid with Nani, Cuadrado, and TOTS Tiago { Who's not very good }. I liked the team a lot because everyone apart from the defenders had 4* skills or above.
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
I put a HUNTER card on him, set his instructions to " Get in behind " and went into the first game with high hopes. I came up against a basic Bundesliga team with MOTM Boateng and Hummels. I got J-Mart on the ball in the 10th minute, who got past Lahm with a heel-to-heel flick, rouletted past someone else and then pushed off MOTM Boateng like he wasn't there, shrugged off Hummels and scored. I was thinking to myself " Another year another OP card "
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
My joy was short lived though, he got the ball again and I decided to sprint past Thiago, but I was shoved to the ground by a player with >60 strenghthg. ( Strength* ). More chances came, some battles he won and some he failed miserably. Its the same case with everything. He's just super inconsistent.
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
Inconsistent-inez tells the same story in every scenario. Ariel battles, Physical duels, One-on-ones, dribbles, Skill runs and longshots. Sometimes its on point, sometimes its dreadful and you wonder if there's something wrong with your controller.
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
He will play like an 87 rated player 60% of the time. In-game stats don't make sense for him, sometimes his finishing will feel like the prescribed 92, but other times it'll be as bad as 29. He's good but he's bad. Sometimes he'll finesse it into the top corner from 30 yards and follow it up 5 minutes later with a pea-roller.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

I played 9 games with him { 7 goals, 1 assist } after which I sold him for 500K ( He sold instantly of course )

Bottom line:Buy FIFA 16 Coins

Majorly inconsistent. Can't be depended on. Save your money. Frustrated me and cost me 25K in EA Tax.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

Anyway thats about it, tell me if there's anyone you want me to review. Not too expensive though because I'm trading/saving to TOTS Ibra.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

Thanks for reading!

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