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Freitag, 14. August 2015, 09:40

Jackson Martinez, the Black Hazard

This motherfucker is op as usual, and this card is more than deserved. Martinez might be the best player in the world, but sadly he doesnt get so much attention, because he plays in Liga Portugesa. Anyways, he keeps tearing up his opponents anus both IRL and in the game, and the fact that he has not signed for a Premier League club yet is a blessing for everyone but the team he would sign for. I love this black jesus, and i also love that instead of signing for a bigger club as soon as he gets recognized internationally, he stays with his lovely club, Porto, and he doesnt seem to care much about other teams wanting to sign hm tho.
Back to the game. U can basically use any formation, and tactic and any chemistry style on this one. Does not matter. I used him in a 3421 formation, and in 4 games he scored 7 goals. In the fifth game i played him as a RB, just to see if he could make his magic even out of position. He scored a hattrick quicker than Mané... I will now go over the stats.
Pace: Buy Cabal 2 Alz
10/10 omg this pace+strength is op as fuck.Buy FIFA 16 Coins
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
10/10 U can literally hold the shoot button anywhere as long as ur past the midfield and its a goal/corner.
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
Doesnt matter cause when this guy has the ball who the fuck would pass it to anyone else?
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
4 star and 84 dribbling makes for some epic scoop turns and ronaldo chops. Not that it matters tho. Easier just to run straight forward and push anyone in your way off the ball..
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
Also doesnt matter. Even tho its worth to mention that even in RB the enemy Hazard couldnt get past him once.

Physical:Buy FIFA 16 Coins
This is jacksons secret weapon. His 90 strenght is so op i can literally feel the pain in my enemys anus. Combined with his sick pace, you can literally just run forward and the only way to stop u is tackle u from behind, which results in a red for the enemy.
Buy FIFA 16 Coins
Summary: If EA didnt fuck us over with prices ranges, Martinez would fuck us over with being broken as shit. so stop whining kids.
and also fuck bayern. Buy Cabal 2 Alz

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