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Freitag, 14. August 2015, 09:37

Pauleta, the Complete Striker

Chemistry Style: Hunter
Position: ST
Having used Pauleta last year and him alone was changing games on their heads, he was the first Legend I aimed to buy this year. He didn't disappoint. After watching his price for a couple of hours I picked him up for 299k and built the team linked a few weeks later, so he was mainly used an impact sub. The first game I played with him, he was brought on at half time. I was 3-1 down and again just like last year, he turned the game on it's head scoring a hat-trick including the winning goal on the 90th minute from 30 yards.
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PACE: 8/10 - With the Hunter chemistry style he has enough pace to get by quick defenders, but as he isn't your Aubamayang's he will get caught some of the time.
SHOOTING: 8/10 - His power shooting and long range goals are phenomenal, but his finesse shots are somewhat to be desired as they were not good at all really whatever foot you used or position you were in, they wouldn't go in the net, and that was his only downside really.
DRIBBLING: 8/10 - His dribbling is good for the most part, he controls the ball well and can take it around players in compact areas of the pitch.
PHYSICAL: 9/10 - 72 physical is a complete lie, imo Pauleta is one of the strongest players I've used this year as he even bullied off the likes of Yaya Toure in 1 on 1 situations. His physical should be 85 minimum.
PASSING: 7/10 - Although I don't really use him to pass the ball too much, the passes I have made have been ok to another player at a close distance but when it comes to his long passing they can go astray, so that's why I try not to pass the ball too much with him.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

In conclusion if you’re looking for someone to score you goals at vital times in a game and just generally be a nuisance to the opposition defenders then this is your man, if you have the coins GET HIM!Buy FIFA 16 Coins
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Pros: Shooting, Pace, Physical, DribblingBuy FIFA 16 Coins

Cons: Long passing, Because there isn't too many options to put him into a team without buying another legend (unless you can afford Ronaldo), it can be difficult to get a decent team around him.

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