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Freitag, 14. August 2015, 09:35

Pauleta All Around Talent

Packed Pauleta in one of my first FIFA 15 packs and needless say I was pretty stoked. Here is my experience after a week of playing with him:
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Chemistry style: Hunter
Position: ST or Sub
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Shooting: 9/10 Both his driven shot and his finesse shot have moments of brilliance and have produced some of my best goals so far in FUT 15, but his weak foot spoils the party. If he had a better weak foot it would be 10/10.

Pace: 8/10 He feels faster than 82, but he still isn't super pacey.Buy FIFA 16 Coins

Heading: 9/10 His head has scored me some spectacular goals. I'm talking upper 90 with power from the edge of the box style headers (I also have Oliver Bierhoff and surprisingly Pauleta's heading is much better).
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Strength: 8/10 He feels relatively strong on the ball, but does get pushed off a bit more than I would like.
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Dribbling: 7/10 Dribbling is my major gripe with Pauleta, he dribbles relatively well and keeps the ball underneath him the majority of the time BUT his lack of skill moves disappointed me. This obviously isn't news to anyone, but it is my main problem with the card, so I had to include it.

+Shot Power and FinishingBuy FIFA 16 Coins
+Long Shooting
+Occasionally magically retains the ball when he shouldn't
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ConsBuy Madden Coins
+3 star skills and 3 star week foot
+Workrates can leave him to far back occasionally

Overall I enjoy using him A LOT and he will continue to be featured in my squad, BUT I don't think he is worth building a Portuguese squad around (unless you have CR7) so I use him a super sub. In this capacity he is wonderful at replacing my striker at half and providing a 1 or 2 goals of insurance to lock down a win.

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