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Freitag, 24. Juli 2015, 10:39

FIFA 16 aims to transmit all the emotions

To begin painting the picture with broad strokes, it’s clear that something along the lines of “ultimate official Buy Fifa Coins experience” has been at the corporate table recently. To be fair, this has been achieved more or less as desired. As well as the usual swarms of officially licensed teams, referees and players (as well as familiar commentating voices - Martin Tyler and Alan Smith again for us UK chaps), and authentic-looking replays and camera angles, there are dozens of other little touches that further enhance the package. As usual you’re asked to align yourself with a team (which you can change, of course), and you then have access to real-life headlines and stats relevant to them from within the menus.

FIFA 16 aims to transmit all the emotions of playing football, all displayed as players, fans, the tension of the matches, team tactics, reactions in the stadium, etc. The people in the stadium will also show their feelings and emotions. The matches will be alive, and you will be able to feel the action on the pitch. The fans will be singing and cheering their teams with real songs and anthems. They will be encouraging their favorite members of the team. This way, Real Madrid crowds will shout Cristiano Ronaldo's name, and Bara crown will shout Neymar's one. You will also be free to appreciate every detail of the most-known stadiums. In the Santiago Bernabeu, you will see more Real Madrid fans supporting their team than people cheering the visitors.

Disenchanted is probably the word I’d use to describe my feelings towards the FIFA franchise over recent years. There’s no doubt it’s the premier mainstream footballing game on the market, although it’s main rival Pro Evolution Soccer, does have its own charm, but the long-running EA Sports franchise has felt very samey and scripted when the new season novelty has worn off. It’s hard to describe this ‘feel’, but anyone familiar with sports games, and particularly fut 15 coins, will vouch for it.ksdngkfsd

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