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Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015, 03:53

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Saturday, Wheeler had an MRI exam on his right elbow. Monday, the Mets announced
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surgery. There is a specific Apple click wheel that could be used for this
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Ginni and Clarence Thomas are obviously unable to let
go of this excruciatingly painful episode, and if he was telling the truth, as I
think he was, they have reason to have a grudge. But if Hill had any impulse to
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that she hasn the wise course for the Thomases is to put it behind them..

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Are you kidding? Henne had enough time to prove himself? how long has Pennigton
played? Did Henne allow the fake punt, droped interception,droped passes, allow
Rice to tear our defense apart? Henne dosent paly special teams. These are very
good teams we lost too. Nothing like coaches hanging your players out to dry.

Henderson might get in early because starter Joel Figueroa missed a few
practices with an undisclosed injury last week and reserve Jermaine Johnson has
some sort of "upper extremity" injury. If Henderson is as advertised, he won't
be backup for long this year. You obviously dont know who nyjer morgan is.

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