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Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012, 20:17

Valentine’s Day Recipe For Success

14. Februar 2012 // 09:50 Uhr


Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that require more planning
than most people prefer to do (or at least that’s how we feel about it).
So, today we’re here to help save you from yourself – Boxee and bring you Valentine’s-date-night-plan to the rescue!

We’ve got everything you need, all nicely laid out for you right on
your Boxee homescreen. So don’t worry if you haven’t figured out your
evening yet, we have a movie and recipes that will get you and your
Valentine in the mood and help you sweep them off their feet.

You can thank us tomorrow. Hopefully twice.

The team over at
– who recently launched their app on Boxee, bringing over 20,000
cooking videos to your TV – have selected two recipes which will impress
your sweetheart, get the kitchen steamy and give you a straight shot to
their heart, right through the stomach. Not much of a chef? Never fear!
made sure these recipes are not only totally delicious, but they also
are certifiably super-easy! So get ready to knock your Valentine off
their feet tonight!

To get you started, here is your shopping list (candles,wine and roses not included but highly recommended):

Raspberry Chicken

+ 3 – 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

+ ¼ lb. butter, clarified

+ ¼ cup yellow onion, finely chopped

+ 4 tbs raspberry vinegar

+ ½ cup chicken broth

+ ½ cup heavy cream

+ 1 tbs crushed tomatoes

+ 15 – 16 fresh raspberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

+ 8 ounces Semi-sweet Baking Chocolate

+ 3 ounces White Baking Chocolate

+ 4 tablespoons shortening (butter flavored Crisco), divided

+ 1 pound (1 carton) Strawberries (long stemmed)

Make sure to find the videos on Boxee for step-by-step instructions with some extra Valentine’s day hints sprinkled in.

On top of your new found culinary prowess, we at Boxee picked a
sure-fire winner for a V-day flick. After you serve your delicious
dinner and before you hand feed those chocolate strawberries, score some
up close time with an awesome rom-com that will no doubt improve your
romantic self esteem.

Of course we would be remiss if we gave you a V-day plan without some appropriate jams, so here’s a list of Valentine’s stations from Pandora, complete with pretty much whatever genre suits your style.

We’ve brought you the ingredients you need for a winning
Valentine’s, now all that’s left up to you is sexy time! Make sure to
head over to your Boxee homescreen to check it all out.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Boxee!

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