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Freitag, 10. Februar 2012, 20:46

Cable Companies Want Government to Help Them Increase Your Bill & Limit Competition

08. Februar 2012 // 09:06


Amidst flat and declining cable TV subscription numbers, Cable
companies are lobbying the FCC to force every cable subscriber to rent
cable boxes or cable cards even if they don’t want or need them now.

Currently cable companies must deliver broadcast channels in a way that enables tuners like Boxee Live TV (and the ones in your TV) to display those channels without any extra hardware.

Now the cable companies are asking the FCC to change the rules and
turn access off. Their main excuse being that it will reduce the need
for the cable guy to drive to your house to disconnect your cable and
thus be better for the environment. Considering this ruling would also
mean millions more set top boxes and cable cards are manufactured,
distributed, and attached to electric outlets (see below for
consumption), their argument doesn’t hold water. It’s akin to a cable
executive taking a private jet to an FCC meeting, but insisting on
having recycled toilet paper on-board to help save the environment.

real motivation is to prevent you from being able to connect the cable
from the wall directly to your TV or Boxee Box. You will need to rent a
set-top box from your cable provider, pay an extra $5-$15 per month and
it will no longer work with your Boxee Box or similar devices.
The cable companies are losing subscribers every quarter. If they
want to reverse that trend they should look into building better
products, reducing prices and improving customer service, not going to
the government asking for rule changes to force consumers into spending
more money and blocking start-ups from competing.

3Q’11 Video Net Adds/Losses

-165,000 (a)

Time Warner Cable
-128,000 (b)

-64,800 (c)

-19,000 (d)


There is another interesting thing about the proposed rule-making. There are no
benefits for consumers. None. Millions of users who currently connect
cable directly to their TV or tuner (without a set top box) will see
their screens go dark. To bring back the signal they will need to go
pick up a box or schedule a visit from the cable guy… with the extra
“benefit” of having to pay a monthly fee for that new box…

As Public Knowledge noted in their blog post on Monday, this is an issue the government should take its time to understand and get right.

At Boxee, we’ve created an affordable alternative to cable that’s
more in-tune with the way people watch TV today. The cable companies
don’t like the idea of increased competition and in this case they are
trying to get the government to help them block alternative devices such
as the Boxee Box.

The Cable companies spent more than $50 million last year on
lobbying, so we decided to spend a few hundred dollars on a train to D.C
to meet with the FCC.

The FCC is in charge of
regulating the monopolistic cable industry, ensuring consumers’
interests are being protected and fostering innovation and competition
in the market. Avoiding the visibility of proposed legislation that
dogged SOPA and PIPA, the cable companies are trying to sneak in an
anti-consumer, anti-competitive policy change, telling the FCC that it
is only a minor technical thingy and that only few consumers and
companies would be affected.

In contrast, we demoed Boxee Live TV and presented a few slides to the Commission explaining how this could affect many consumers and have an impact on innovation and the environment. We were excited that the Chairman of the FCC and his staff took the time to listen to our arguments.

The FCC is also paying attention to what consumers are saying. It would be great if you could write a short note to the FCC
expressing your concern about having to give even more money each month
to your cable company. Please take a couple of minutes to make your
voice heard!


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