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Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, 20:34

Spotify Now Streaming Music With Custom Boxee App

14. Oktober 2011 // 09:00 Uhr

Spotify’s endless catalogue of music has arrived on Boxee.

When I tell people about Spotify, I say it’s like iTunes, but with millions and millions of songs built in… and sharing that makes “Ping” look like an 8-track. With its recent Facebook integration, which lets you discover, share and comment on Spotify music with your friends, Spotify is spreading like wildfire in the US from its base in Europe (where the history comes from).

Adding Spotify’s huge music catalogue to a Boxee Box with a Premium subscription costs less than a cup of coffee per week (9.99/month $, € or £). Of course anyone can try the service on their computer for free (with a few ads) or for 4.99/month without ads using an Unlimited account. However, we like the “Go Big or Go Home” philosophy, and Spotify Premium streams sweet serenades everywhere – providing access on your Boxee Box, mobile phone and letting you rock out to playlists offline. After a week with the Premium subscription, I deleted all the other music on my phone and now just use Spotify.

The week before, at a recent party, we created a shared playlist that all of our friends could add to – from Outkast to LCD Soundsystem to Michael Jackson to Fake Blood. During the party we used the Spotify app on our computer to DJ the entire thing… from 10pm to 5:30am. For the next one, we’re looking forward to turning our Boxee Box into command central for the DJ booth.

Since Boxee and Spotify are both all about helping you find new stuff you’ll love, we thought it would be fun to have Boxee employees share their favorite playlists with you. Click on any of the playlists below to listen to them with Spotify. Once you’ve fallen in love, sign up for a Premium account and start streaming your favorites through your Boxee Box!

All is one Banana
by Omer
The Day’s Just Getting Started by Andrew
Nightime by Yuval
myTunes by Don
Climb inside your headphones and stay a while by Tom
What The Kids Are Into by Ryan
This Bear’s Repeating by Nick
The Sizzle Presents: COME-GO Movement by Gervis
Dirty Dancefloor [NSFW] by Ryan


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